O King, live forever!
...and the man died.

The sycophants lives on
to praise another crowned fool.
Blench and belly full - 
their one and only goal.

While the king lives
of his failure and flaws sing praises.
Turn blind eyes to all that matters
Sweep clean the streets and block the gutters
Give him accolades
Oh wave your flags
Incompetence we celebrate
Adorn our rotten bodies with starched brocades
Oh wave your rags!

God save the king
...and take our lives?

God save the king
...and rape our wives?

God save the king
...and take our mite?

Oh king live forever
...and when he dies
We weep
We sing, we dance
We settle down and feed greed!
And then place the crown
on the head of yet another clown.

Oh king, leave forever!

 - Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu