I think I've seen the devil
He's a fine lady in red.
I know I shouldn't return the smiles
but look, she's got no fork tail
though all black like devil in folktales
There's dark beauty in her black
There's magic in her smiles
And I'm smitten.
There's a smirk on her face
this lady across the lane
She smiles and then waves
I don't know, but I did same.
Sweet temptation this is
but there's no hell in her eyes;
Why not dive and get a ride?

This is the plight of most Christians
when the fruit dazzling dangles
mesmerizing our holy minds
with allures only heaven can match...
It hisses, 'hey just a bite'
A bite will feel like bliss:
There's grace, heaven we won't miss.
We know this sin is sin
But oh, dear Lord, look how 'tis sweet!
We know the father frowns at it
but flesh and blood, the weakling
subdues the spirit's whisper...
And forward we lurch
We pluck and munch
Relish the taste and moan along...
Then cringe in pain
And pray for grace
When our innards churn
And the serpent rage.

I think I've seen the devil
I kissed her lying luscious lips.
It did taste great
But I'm fallen from grace
My soul's on fire
Hell was in her eyes.

- Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu