A nice word is like a brook
It flows noiselessly down the eardrum
soothing brain and massaging wounded souls.

A nice word is like an oasis
It seats surrounded by sun baked dust
quenching thirsty hearts in the desert of hurt.

A nice word is like a stream
it carries on it the fisherman's old boat
and help to move a broken soul
to bath in the cool of water and night.

A nice word is better than flowers growing in the thorn
better than roses that fade in the sun.
Sweeter it's fragrance than frankincense and Myrrh
Makes a sad day holier than Vatican's frair.

A nice word sinks deep in a heart buried in the vale
it reaches down humming peace like melody.
What's more about life and living here;
not hate speech or hurtful words that breed melancholy.

A nice words is all we need
to live this one life with dignity
So while daily we buy and sell
give nice words to the sad and undead.

- Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

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