Don't sing along
If your stained white still glitter
With many flaws.
These lines experimental are.
This is a song for erring soles here composed.
Don't sing along
Don't say I warned you not.

Oh lost my soul
When I in awful wanders
Consider all the loss, the lies, the lack.
I see no stars
The sky in gloomy splendor
Ready to drench my rebel soul with blames.

And when I look beyond the well carved crucifix
No rainbow lines
It fades away, my smiles.
Though I still boast, in senility juvenile.
And when I cry 
The chorus is "where art thou?"

Then stinks my soul
No fervour in my toils.
How worse could be?
How longer still?
No silver line
No emancipation still.
Oh where art thou?
Oh where art thou?

- Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu