I make this long walk
To seek solace at the seaside
So the sea could wave afar this sweet sorrow
For this fountain no longer
water the flower of our love

In love we lived like in paradise
When love wasn't blind
We gave him an extra eye
To see us cat-walk-in cortege along the camellia
Your sweet sugarcoated voice
Brought deaf ears to the call of my amma
In sickness ill-health
Your heartbeat nursed me heal
With worrying medications
but now,
Day before day i sigh in shame
Cos i once boasted with pride
To my jealous kins-folk,
in you have found a bride
who i will love till death do not part
but yet death be not born
here we are, living walls apart.

Remember, we sang our hearts along
to the hyms from the churchyard
In the darkness of the day
we were lust petting in the courtyard
here we are, living walls apart.

 - McDaniels Afangideh

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