Somehow I lost my paddle,
One glance and it left me for His ocean,
To the wild air,
I sold focus,
My settled heart drunk with waters of unrest,
It was my fault
That I let me drown into this sea
I thought Perhaps there was more to see,
But instead of seeing 
I awoke a feeling.
Now no twinkling for my eye,
No stop to hush my gaze.
Even after His eyes walked away,
They were crested in my thoughts,
I still had a painting of every step they took
From his side to mine,
The pause and back slide,
Freshly painted hanging in my mind.

Though I sank alone
I wish for another second 
Into the depth were I drowned.

In the depths are contours of pain,
Those marks that words will never say,
I saw the race of years,
And yearning only my imaginations could tell.

I wish it was me, 
Who owned this ocean that I sail.
I wish I drowned in the eyes of my prince,
For those eyes without coats,
Nude and ravished,
Hastened me to the altar of oaths, 
And away were my clothes,
Washed away by his gaze.

Yet I was just a stranger 
Drowning and gasping in another man's ocean,
I had no space in the eye land, 
I only had this story to tell.

- Ruth Ede

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