How can I keep wandering in a world without wonder?
Or ponder in a world I've grown fonder?
How do I settle down freely and mettle?
And even when the kettles of life dangles me I do not nettle?

How can I keep riding my tricycles in circles?
Or re-act my cycle in a circus?
How can I dance with a lance?
And happily prance in my damned stagnant trance?

How can I sleep in a noisy trip?
Where daily hustles in my ears creep but I am too deep
How can I stand in a flood and be saved by the rod?
When others are imbued in blood without a saving pod

How can I be lost in thought when others difficulties they fought?
How can I be enslaved to drought,when my hand fed me nothing I wrought?
How can the world be better and God my Petter?
If I just watch my fetters tie me to a thought with no setter.