I Hate That I Love You

Here are footprints you left
which wouldn't wash off 
even as tears drop turn river
The night you left, I died
the back you turned on me
I used to hold firm to my chest
the mouth where your heart lies
I kissed with love,  
now u broke me with same

You are the  flower I wouldn't mind
holding its thorns tight
You're whom I call mine
under thousands of stars I wish to kiss u
I wouldn't mind being your shield
when you're battling through roughs
Even when you don't appreciate, I care not
Just give me love, is all I asked for

When you said you love me
You made me wet
Our first kiss sent my soul
on a journey to the horny land
now you left me to drive in a worry van
One side love more and that's me
for you dominate all pages of my diary
all the while,  you've been lying 
Still, I can't forget you and 
I must confess I still love

I hate you but I love you
I detest your smell though I want it again
I don't ever want to see you but
I hope to bump into you
I don't ever want you still I need you right now
Your lips got lies but, can I kiss you one more ? 
I'm crazy not for you but about you
and I hate that I love you.