On the surface, he's beautiful
Glistening in the sunshine,
A touch of sun rays
Luminous and radiant
Perch on his face
He smiles
Like ice-bound crystals
Proving that life's good
But he's trapped like the LG
Under a state of a thousand thoughts.

He cannot see beyond his nose
What lies above his brows
As the light fades too fast
That shines on him
So fast he blinks
When he makes to wink
At the beautiful idea
That formed in his head.

Under the surface,
He's dark and gray.
No light makes it through
Beyond his skin all day
Hot and hard sun beams it rays
But it only knocks off the shadows
Of demons he wrestle
All that glitter and shimmer
From off the smiles he gives her
Are trapped on the surface
No depth. Just roughage.

He could hear steps approach,
Giggles and whispers
He's sure they're lovers,
Holding hands singing together.
He could hear the smiles in their voices,
As the sounds pull him down
Deeper into the darkness
Of a path he once trod
With her, his sweetness:
Memories sweet
Moments super swift
But he's trapped with a picture frame
And her name.

He cannot dip his quill in ink
It is dry and heavy.
He stares blindly
At his own shadow
Staring back at him
Unmoving and motionless
Like the weight of the world
Is laid on his head.
He can hear laughter again; 
The sound of innocence
Warms his heart, 
as the voices fade.
But the pain that takes its place
Uncloth the reminiscence.

He gasp for air with burning lungs
But he cannot breathe
He's trapped in a cellar
Howling for help, 
but silence takes his sound
And gives nothing in return,
Only dreadful silence.
Only eerie silence
Trapped in a blabbing skull.

Though trapped underground
In a bunker of himself,
In his thoughts are stories
Staged in the future
Warm and comforting
Like a duvet embrace.
Crystal beautiful
Like snowcap on mountains.
Luscious and inviting 
Like his lips.
Original and untainted
Like the tale that's never told