Come rain
I leap across the street
Chanting rhymes only the dead understand.

Beaming with sheer delight
I hum watery lines 
on and on
Dancing around in underpants
Rain. Rain. Rain's come!

My beauteous eyes
Bleeding tears
Tears mixing with the rain droplets
That slap my face harshly
But I'm to be blamed
for the long summer.

They think I'm dancing in the rain
But I'm only masking my tears.
They see a happy child
Relishing the first rain,
But I'm just a dying Pa
Regretting my lost gain.

Don't be awed by these eyeballs
Beneath the glitter
That bores lust in your heart
Is a fireball
Burning in the inside
to ashes the real man
that glitter on the outside.

These eyes don't glitter