He walks in angry at her and he moves closer as she
starts shouting on top of her voice.

C: I know my worth that is why you followed me around for one whole year?

M: Okay, you now believe you have a worth after so many years of lack of confidence in self. At least my mentorship is something you should appreciate.

C: Or your passes and ogling as if I was a centre page.

M: I can’t fight in my state because you will moan and writ in pleasure; I am the god of pleasure.

C: what state, I guess I am now the play girl?

M: I won’t tell you, it is inappropriate… you are the play thing.

C: What other state can you be in but hallucinating about my beauty… Which you cannot behold. And I will choose to make you suffer continuously and beg for my mercy.

M: Probably because I will want to bring you down to your feet, find your weak spots and throb on them, till your walls collapse in ecstasy leaving you to my mercy.

C: You know you can never beat me in this game. I am the new Mistress of the Art.

M: And I know you want me to lay siege on you that is why you are taunting me so I can lunge an attack on you and devour every sweet spot you can boast of.

(He smiles sheepishly and tries to hold her but she moves away)

C: I am she who rises with fire and heat, passion and colours, calm like the sea but harsh like the wind. I know I house that star which you have been following but you won’t have it…..Traitor!

M: You forget am the fuel that lights the fire in you and put you on heat. …..ignite your passion and make you turn different colours of blushes and flood your thighs with seas of wetness and make you harsh with passion like the wind. You can’t lock me out for long and you know it.

C: You forget I have the pleasure of choosing the tune I dance to. This will be a sequel of strength and greatness. The world will stand still, the stage is set.

M: (laughs out loud) With me you have no choice……cause my touch makes you melt like a butter being penetrated by a hot knife. I send your defenses and walls crashing with just a touch of my lips…..should I tell what will happen if I brought on the whole cavalry?

C: Your men are like dust because they will be weakened by the sight of my body, my soft voice and my temples of divinity, so holy!

M: I am a god not a mere mortal; you are at the mercy of my touch.

C: No, you are the mortal under my mercy standing erect even before duty call and scrambling for orders…..wanting to please. Aware of the greatness you feel when consumed in my warmth and the security of my towers and temples.

M: Oh! Your mind is mistaken, true to your word I stand at attention on the sight of your walls but with only one mission, to penetrate and conquer. To fill you with pleasures unheard of, to dominate every inch of your opening. To reach every depth of you that no one has been to before. Your fight is in vain because am taking over.

C: You can take over the world but I resist your calls, don’t you get deceived... I will be surrendering your head soon. I have devoured other stronger gods but I still remain noble and fair.

M: I will send you over to the hill of climax and flung you into the sea of orgasm with just a thrust… I tell you beloved it is but a lost battle you fight. You haven’t met any like me that is why you are wild with passion.

C: I will get you hypnotized and seduced into the valley of death, disarming your shades even if more than fifty. My light destroys darkness. My outpour of wetness… more deadly than atomic bomb, your life is at stake.

M: I doubt you will take me down, but in such event I will plunge down that valley with you. I am different shades… not fifty. Your outpour can only enhance the seeds which I shall pour into you and they shall dominate your kingdom.

C: Evil seeds! I will never give you a chance to multiply. You should know how powerful I am… the fairest of the fair yet wild, dangerous, armed with your weakness.

M: You think you can end this? No! My lady…behold your conqueror! You cannot stop what is coming for you. Submit yourself to rare passion, never felt before.