With all love and desire she peeled off evaporating hopes aiming, not for relevance but acceptance a crown to acquire, and... a throne? Her hopes as high as Mt. Everest Her humanity as deep as abyss Her desire as skin deep as African black Her passion as wide as the Grand Canyon Embracing the strong, the weak, the rest She is not a sailor nor master of oceans but she sails winds with spread wings sailing to that shore she she so dream of. Though obstacles like land mines litter the path her soul plies, these obstacles, the great, the small, seemed penny pebbles; yes, all to her tender sole. She is sensational She dusts off religious menace from her curves in a manner that make men wow and aw - the awe... She peels off patriarchal nuisance forced on her in years yore. Her craving seemed distorted in the king's bloated perspective skewed from birth of time. She cannot bend nor break; her face had withstood the ravages of time From muddy swamps to a crystal palace Reviving every barren heart with her reviviscence Creasing up everyone with her innocence. She was once a damsel in distress She is now the Queen, a queen of lights, putting darkness to flight owing to her venturesome self the crown and the king. She is woman human queen of lights