I published this four years ago on my Facebook wall. Just stumbled into it. Can't really recall how I came about it, but I think it's worth sharing again. 

Press 'Play'!

Life is a battleground
and I'm a soldier;
the day I was born,
I became a recruit.
Everyday I must fight,
whether I wish it be or not.

I'm armed with fearful weapons:
a beast-like machine gun,
a sonic shattering grenade,
and a Swiss pocket knife.
I strike first,
I strike hard,
I strike fear in my enemies.

The devil is the earth's General,
and I was his Sergeant.
I went on missions for him,
he trained me to hate,
to lie, to cheat, to steal.
On his mission I ruined lives,
I could not stop myself.
All I could do was say,
'Yes sir, yes!'

I hated this general:
he paid me little wages,
I became bloodthirsty,
my eyes became blood red,
I couldn't think,
I was an avatar,
and he was the gamer.
The last training he gave me was on depression.
All I could do was say,
'Yes sir, yes!'

But then I met another general,
who promised me good wages,
proper missions,
and a new promotion.
He called himself Jesus,
I accepted him
and he changed me.
Little did I know that the
mission he gave me,
was the greatest and
hardest mission of all.
The mission was to be a Christian.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The game is about to begin.

Press 'Play'!