What if I read you a story titled 'once upon a rhyme'?
Will you smile
As I run from line to line
Connecting dots
Connecting us?

What if I sing you a song titled 'once upon a rhyme'?
Will you kick off your shoes
And jiggle your hips
To the lyrics of my lips
Like you're high on booze?

What if along the tale
You realized
That it was your life
Spelt out on every line:
Would you still smile
At the sound of every rhyme
And pray the story reaches no climax?

What if as I sing this song
You realize as my tongue
Brush through every word
Every note, every chord
That it's about secrets
You're hiding from the world;
Would you stare at the sound waves
Of my voice and wonder
How bare the pages
Of your secrets wandered
Into a piece of poetry?