It's no gainsaying that the need to help people improve on their language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing has been much neglected. Hence, we have schools churning out graduates with poor language skills. 

And to an extent, the schools are not to be blamed entirely, the learners are part of it too. They go ahead to justify this by saying "English is not our mother tongue", "English is not a meter of intelligence", and go on to live in their hemisphere of ignorance and mental laxity. And when you could use these words correctly, they get wowed and hope to be like you. It's imperative we bridge the gap of poor language skills. 

Therefore, Maverick Consultar will be organising a monthly Language skills development course to enable you improve and put to use your language skills in whatever field you are in. 

It's a money-back guarantee training that will span for months to help coach you and improve your proficiency in language skills, which includes listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

For inquiries, contact: 

Tel: +2349037475923