My Vero, in you I've found the perfect friend
Someone I'm sure will be there till the end
It is not just a thought I hope to fulfill
The sweet memories you embed in my heart,
are thoughts that will stand forever still
even after earth meets its prime.

My Vero,
As the wind on a hot summer day
So is your friendship that you never betray.
As the still image in a photograph
so is your breathless, silent laugh.
As the stars in the night sky,
so is your warm embrace.

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
A mind that I can comprehend
A person I see is so much like me
A mutual relationship so carefree,
mutual, genuine and divine.
My Vero, my vine.

My Vero, child who questions the world
My Vero, the scream that goes unheard
in the wilderness of sages.
Carefree as an adult blessed with a dream
Carefree as water flowing downstream -
fresh for ages.

Within you, I've found the perfect friend
With whom I can be real, and never pretend.
You've always been someone unique from the rest
You hold a piece of me no other can possess.
You posses a part of me none else can claim.

My Vero, I live every moment in time for you.
In you I've found the life I want
You are perfect friend
With you, I see myself till the very end.

All these and more 
I can say and could go on,
as you celebrate the day you were born
to grace earth like the Son of God.
From my heart of hearts with all I've got
I wish you, my Vero, the best of all.

Happy Birthday
Poetic Princess.