The Cinema was set
new movie, we're both excited
to be casts and scriptwriters
We cuddled and relished this movie

Scene One:
Strangers crossed paths
but couldn't just pass.
She winked and waved
and stole your breath.
You stopped to stare
and gasp for air.
Spark of lights.

Scene Two:
On a parched wasteland
you laid the foundation.
With broken bricks
you built erotic walls.
'My this'- then kisses
'My that'- then cloud nine. 
'My everything'- you both lied.

Scene Three:
Stranger on your bed
You wonder how you met.
You were too busy being hers
to fall for someone new
Maybe you never knew
twil hurt this much to be hers.

Scene Four:
Today your forest is dark
The trees are sad
and all the butterflies
have broken wings.

Two by two, they all filed in
all shades of 'forever yours'.
But when the movie came to an end
they crawl on all fours unpaired;
she takes the right
he owns the wrong.
No sweet songs from the Nightingale
Not all love tales happy-ever-after ends.

Lights out!


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