O' ye Lady

You're the beauty behind feminine
You're the fragrance beneath 
the soothing aura of a flower 
planted to beautify and modified.

You're looked upon with the eyes
that reads "She is daft".
Play not your body about like draft
for you have within you the craft.

You've been thrust by those 
who you trusted for they want
not your love but to thrust 
through, in between your legs.

You've been stuck between letting out
and keeping it safe but remember
this is your "one time pride";
A minute pleasure shouldn't take away
your forever treasure... 

You're facing trials emotionally,
but there is someone out there
who wants more than uprooting you out of your precious root.
He'll water you with love
affection and dedication. 

Oh Yea! You'll crave for it too
but how do your face your man
when the question is asked... 
'Whom did you lost it to?'

- Simplicity