MOVING ON (Inspired by Asa)

A song of no-mean-repute
Playing on a flow of repeat
Ambling through the stereo's heart
Massaging the ambiance in a mute loud tone
I sit with legs cris-crossed
Like a refugee in my fatherland
Percolating through the pages of life
Providing answers to questions rhetorical

Memories perched on my thought-full mind
Of times when words seems but a hostile party
tears clinging tight to my weeping eyes
Laying on this bed of roses
an island amid seas of tears

Dreams were but mares in the night
Only to be a friendly vision by day
When gracing ceremonies on-invited'ly
to buy a smile for the sorrow-full stomach

When bludgeon battered at the battle ground
Armed to the teeth with only a cadenced voice
Backed by roaring whispers of 'Fight on'!
Only to retreat, never to surrender
Yet in the Survival's Creed i take solace

Time they told heals but only love does
There is no time to ponder because
To ponder is to possibly perish
The perfect fight is one that is over
leaving your loser in awful sober

I won't give up, I will make it
I will survive but by my skill
So where do you go when you're by yourself?
Who comes along when you cry for help?
But as the river keeps flowing
I'll keep on moving on!

McDaniels Afangideh