To-be but couldn't-be Mother! 
do you know how it feels
To thrust a hot iron
into the heart of one
that's how much pain I feel
For you didn't just end my life
but also shattered my dreams. 

Is it my Fate to end this way
Or there is no other way I could live
Perhaps I mistakenly got into you
I wanted the best life for us
to fulfil my dreams and I craved 
for a mother who would be my backbone
instead , you detached me from your bone

You whispered that minute
You can't wait to have me removed 
because I bring shame to you 
that a life without me is best
Mother, I found warmth in your womb
I cling to you because I love you
Even though you detest the signs of me

When God gave me the news
that I'm going into the world
I asked Him to reduce your pains
to make me as beautiful as you
and to bring comfort to our lives
You brought me so much aches
though you'll always be my mother

Mama, should I try again
Not fulfilled dream I've got on my neck
My motive isn't to bring pain 
If you don't want me still 
bring me to the world
Place me in a haven and flee 

I will find my way and I'll forgive you

- by Simplicity

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