Day Bye Day (by McDaniels Afangideh)

Night outs its duty for Morning phase
Creatures rising with dim eyes in bright faces
The sun traverses the land
journeying through the east
Homes make their daily bread with Holy yeast
Neighbours dance out exchanging pleasant pleasantrys
Clergymen chant canticles alone in their presbytery
Labourers file out in queue labouring for arrears
Doctors pray to Hypocrates to bless their their career
Poets paint pictures with pen filled analogy
Teachers reminded never to neglect their pedagogy
Student quest for Knowledge just to pay the price
Policemen find pleasure in bribe, not in bride
With every prayer they say
What more can we ask for each day
But an apple to keep the doctors away.

It seems the day is over
Here comes evening
Gentle wind tickle rumpled skins
Tired clouds race back home
Where? 'Only nature seems to know
The big light ball alone down the path to the west
As birds of same feather mend their nest

Traders bid customers with priceless byes
Beggars decorate the street with fancy rags
Labourers rejoice in their labour arrears
Young girls fetch the riverbank with round bags
Lovers traipse paths leading to Garden of Eden
To make their undying love a secret hidden

Now the day is over
Night is surely here
Children watching tales by moonlight
All gathered at the village square
Babies kissing their mother's breast with sleepy eyes
Lovers canoodle on their bed of lies.
Day Bye Day.

- McDaniels Afangideh