Once upon a time
There arose in the land of the Burnt Faced
A man fair and mad
Whose rants made elders lads
And lads elders

On the rooftop of the Queen's Castle
His voice echoed and turbans rattle
He lamented of flesh eating cattle
He raised a flag that died in battle

Once upon a time he washed up shore
And walked into the jailer's cottage cuffed
Back and fort they traded blames
His brethren matched chanting his name
The jailor burnt them with bullet flames
And back and fort they traded blames.

Once upon a time there lived a rising sun
Whose journey to the sky
Was nipped at it's bud
Whose proverbs of how a zoo
Boasts of men like me, like you.

And silenced was this man made
Buy the man who rodents chased
From his hallowed royal palace.

Gone is the hunter who troubled lean lion king:
Reptiles and monkeys are come to play
Upon the stage he lamented
And left for me, for you:
Yes, he was right, here is a zoo.