Love isn't just a word for two
rolling and moaning to a coital tune.
Lust isn't a word evil
because it defined Adam's want for Eve.
So whenever
she ever
looks me in the eye
and ASK
'Do you really love me?'
I'll reply 'Whatever'
Heart for heart, love
The body only lusts.

It was, 
I chased it for too long.
Was it love, feeling or lust,
I romance with it.
Blissful it was, 
And with every chase, 
I long for it like morning.

Patience isn't just a word
It's a sick man in time's ward
enduring pain from soul deep sores
receiving pain from healing words
So whenever the world looks me in the eye
and say;
'do you have all it takes?
is it worth the wait?'
I'll say
Whatever, slowly I'll make haste.

It was,
I waited for it.
And heaven knows I could have waited,
all my life,
As Eden waited for Eve.
As flowers waits for the morning dew.

Now talk of stars and dark spots
Talk of arrows and inverted bows
Talk of beauty and hurting words
Talk of hell and feeble gods
Who cares who crosses the finish line?
We all one day shall cross same line
So whatever
That's all that matters

it was,
I'd cross the Sahara for it.
Shoot down seven stars,
And walk though hell for it.
It was beautiful, 
That was all that matter.