And again they asked me,
"What girl hurt you to make you this way?"
And I laugh.

I laugh because they are too ignorant to understand
that 'in love' does not require a previous pain,
Or being massaged by a hand you thought you could trust
Or being kissed by a lips you couldn't thrust.

I laugh because they do no understand
Love has no gender choice
Love is neither girl nor boy
It sneaks into the heart of X
And implants the need to love another X
It places in the heart of Y
A love for Y without a WHY?

Because I said I'm gay
Again they cringe and ask me,
"What girl hurt you to make you that way?"
They look at me puzzled
As I spread my lips and chuckle.

I chuckle because they don't understand
Because their normal has but one meaning
Nothing other than NORMAL
And that is theirs -
Their kind of NORMAL.

I chuckle because they don't understand that maybe,
Just maybe,
I deserve love in whichever way
makes me feel the butterflies in my belly
To think, I Steve
Could blush for Adam
Whilst my hands perspire
in the pocket of my hoodie
And wonder why I look away
When Eve saunters down the lane
Left and right, shaking her bootie

I chuckle because they can't seem to see
That I have seen more love in the curves of her butt
Than they will ever see on their knees.
That I've kissed more lips luscious than hers
That they'll ever dream of in a brief lifetime.

I chuckle because they cannot seem to see
How pure his words sit on his lips
When he sings 'I'm in love with Steve'

But no matter how much I tell them that there is nothing wrong with me,
That no girl hurt me,
Even though they thought they did,
They persist with same funny phrase
But they no longer ask
They just stare and plainly state,
"A girl hurt you and made you this way."

I laugh
I chuckle
and wish they were all sane:
They would've all seen
We are all the same.

#Pengician #SSA