The King That Knew Not His Royalty

Why dost thou mourn
A prince
to become
When nature calls you one
Worthy to bear the crown?
Seest not thou her bounties
As to kings?

Why regrettest being an inhabitant under the sun
That thou art born?
What ailest thee that thou criest to God
Like a lachrymose lad?
What brings the heavens joy
By thy discontented noise?

Seek not alone
My beloved,
Power to turn
Into gold
Nor sand into corn.

Thus do men shine
And are seen as divine
That with ashes
Paint a rainbow
Turning weaknesses
Into strenghts unknown.

Behold now I pray thee O man!
Gird thee thy loins
And take deceit by the mane
Like Samson
To the lion
And smite it
For no man
But thee.
No king
ever is born
With a crown
On his brow.
They grow
Till they are enthroned.