She once was lonely and sad,
Having nobody to comfort her,
So she wore a mask that always smiled,
To hide my feelings behind a lie.

She found herself in a circle of friends;
With her mask, she felt at home
living and believing a lie 'I'm one of them'
But deep inside she still felt empty,
She felt like a grain of rice in a bag of sand
She knew there was a missing part.

Nobody could hear her cries at night,
She'd so designed her mask to hide the lies.
Nobody could see the pain and the crying
She's so designed her mask to be laughing.

Behind all the laughter
were the tears
Beneath the field of corn and wheat
were the tares
Behind all the poise and and courageous feat
were the fears.

They could see her everything
But nobody knows the real being

Dawn to dusk
Dusk to dawn
Slowly s l o w l y she was dying
hoping someone will hear her silent groaning

Dawn to dusk
Dusk to dawn
Until now she's still searching
For the missing link
Until now she's still searching
For the moment that'll erase her tears.
Until now she's still waiting
For the someone who'll wipe her tears.

But till then, 
though dying in the inside she keeps on smiling.
Hiding behind this mask she's wearing.
Hoping one day she can smile from the inside out
like the rest of them
and then rest in death.

Till then, she'll be here...waiting.
Smiling on the outside
Dying in the inside.