I will not love one minute more, I swear!
No, not a sigh
Not even a tear!
Baited and hooked above the waters
Assured I'l do fine out of the waters
I will not look at you as the others do
of betrayals and kisses
of daydreams and sins.
I will not curse you as the others do
for another shall drop bait and sinker and hook
and ghosts free from wantonness shall swim to your woo.

I will not hate you as much I'd loved
for love be a treason
a treason for two
Seven lies
Three promises
Good sex, wit and wine!
What more needs I in you
your toes in my shoe?
Thou irk of sour tomato
but I cannot curse you!
For all that I savoured 
and nectar I sipped
they more to compose courtly cunning troubadour.
I hate this!