Someone with all the money in the world but no one to enjoy it with, would be depressed (argue with your solitary self).

Admittedly that's an extreme example, but the truth is that all of the enjoyable things in the world get old quickly without a friend to share them with.

On the other hand, if a person was experiencing all the hardships in the world, they may go insane without the aid of a friend.

People that don't have anyone to socially interact may lose their minds and develop an imaginary friend just to ease the loneliness.

Human interaction is necessary. It is simply the way that we are wired. This is why it hurts when a cherished friendSHIP sinks in the sea of distrust, blame game and fame.


Rising from the ashes 
of burnt friendship
my hands free
my heart unchained
I write this poem, 
to him from me
I may never get myself out
of the memories that linger still
but like full moon that after awhile appear
He’ll never leave my childhood picture frame

He's just a memory now
What seems like a great friendship
turned into a pool of blames and guilt.
We were everything
Everything beyond the borders of friendship
He was my everything
So was him.
until out of the blue
he replaced me with something new.

Angels without wings we were
until the demons took over
taking the shape of who we were.
It's just a few days gone
yet it feels like a year already done.

Friend he was
Fri-end he is
and a life without him 
is living with memories of him
and struggling to live without him.