Perhaps just an embrace
And a cuddle when the child
Within comes out to play
My hair tousled with fingers mild.

Perhaps just night songs
When my body clock chimes.
Just those fanciful rhymes
Until angels my cradle throngs.

A tickle, a loving prod
To dare the dark woods at eve.
Just a smile, not a word
Might rid me of this grief.

A silly joke at midnight
When your beloved is sleepless
Waiting for the morning to fly his kite
Higher than wherever eagles nests.

I wish and wish on shooting stars
I sleep and sleep on the atlas
I wait and wait that you will find
How God blesses the dark earth with sunlight.

I do not know what more to cry for
Whether for empathy or adventure.
I can not pluck stars into my punnet
So I find a boat in my head and journey west.

I pray you find what to do with colours
And how I'm not swept off my feet by cutesy humour.
There is little I can say
But wish you will honour
The child in me when it comes out to play.