There were fireflies like genies with lamps
And the wind that played harps
For the forest's slow dance.
Did we ever return without new songs?

There were battles to vanquish sleep
We yearned the fields of mystery  our sickles to reap
Who would soon forget the kiss of heaven
That nightly turns owls into joyous bards and  maestro the raven?

Home held cascades for inner refreshing
Old books and mother's hymns unending
Father always ready, stories of war to tell by the furnace
Karn and Evangeline with science obsessed.

Here I am before the mirror, half myself reflecting
My soul has eloped offshore with my peace
I must seek it and what was so enchanting
That I pay dearly with broken hearts and brooks of tears.

I must seek it wherever the stars will lead
With my cruel captain to be the tempestuous wind
With grief do not our hanging castles destroy
For I will return to be your little boy.

Cry. My tears from my end a confluence with yours will make.
Lie. I will from my end in my dreams you to warmly embrace.
Sing. Duet will belive coals to keep the cold away.
String the waves into sleep while I sail.

Smile and be like the lighthouse guiding me home.
Pray I return not myself a shadow
Vile will be the days you do not say a prayer
And I a ready meal become to the great sea monster.