From the corner of my eye
I could see beauty radiating

From the cliff of my high
I could hear music crescendoing

From behind the bars of my heart
I could hear wings flapping

From the dotted lines of experience
I could read poetry painted on a canvas

From now on and never
I don't really understand why I pause 
When my heart feels that pulse.

From the lips of the aged, I heard:
"Delay naim make fowl no fly"
I still dey here dey count my loss

Fly I no fly. 
Lemme alone. Na my cross.
Cry, I no cry.

I know delay denies me the blessings
I desperately desire.
But my feet can't fly
When the heart is sad.

Voice, musical
Appearance, fanciful
Heart, a sepulcher
Lord! I was fooled.