Like octave in halftime, 
she makes me rhyme. 
You're my music. 

Your voice is become the lyrical language of my heart
calling continually entwined in loves duet
Together we rise above your soprano
and fall like tidal waves into my tenor.
You're my music.

All night, touched tenderly by love’s opera
musical movements caressing my soul
just like fingers on the piano
we roll and moan to every note
You're my music.

Sweet seraphic soul song of a sweet seduction
we sail on cherry voices
living lilies lifting little letters of alliteration
on our harmonious voice.
You're my music.

What source sends the singing that soothes my heart?
Your voice, sweetness.
What spawns the silence before the sudden storms?
Your voice, sweetness.
You're my music.

All day, all night
in mezzo-soprano of angelic lights
with words wondrous we whine waists
lifting hearts to love's praise...
You're my music.