Sound rattling and rabbiting,
whirling and hissing,
moaning and sobbing 
in pleasure and pain

Torrents trampling on rooftops
Like vultures in love
Dancing to the waste line
Of beats on your waistline

Torturing my hairstyle
Twisting my royal band,
Milling watery salt with rancorous smile 
into my running engine.

Hissing eyes
Whispering legs
Confusion resides 
Behind the shadows of your smiles
Tell me, is this a haunted house?

Your hunting scheme lies underneath my linen,
Stilling in me unexplained words 
that counts while pouncing,
You plunged in me spears and recover my fears.

You drop defiled tears
Over the dates of my years
Years of haunting air
Air of non feasible dreams
Dreams like broken spears
Into your heart pierced.
Tell me, why do you bleed?

Why won't I bleed seed of words
Words of many wars
Wars of no cutlass and guns
Guns of bullets and shield
Shield of pain and sorrow,
so tell me why the whisper by this ungodly hour?

Don't wake the gods
Lest you get bitten by dogs
Dogs of our fears
Fears behind the walls
Walls cracked for long
Long before tonight...
Tell me, why do we whisper
And hush our heartbeats?
Doth he who lurks outside
Out smart our aged wits?

Why won't I wake the gods
gods that sleep not
Not in dreams and reality of things
Things of nothing and something
Something that silently break walls between us,
Your whisper whistled and cracked an egg in my heart
Heart of soft petal,you know.

Know yourself, dear friend
In you is a monster
Waiting to unleash on the braggart 
In you is 'godling'
Waiting to bully the bully
Who's reduced our shrieks to whispers
Whispers of frightened puppies...
Know thyself and unquiet the night

I have listened to bells of the night
And shut down the tears of the light
Changed the hands of time
Tried many times fuse of rhymes,
I unleashed monsters
But were devoured before they mold a star.

Lean on your whispers tonight
When dawn knocks dusk off the sky
Come tell tales how you survived
And mortals shall hiss and sigh
At your whispering tales

Can the whispering night bow to my voice?
Can the voice speak silently without echo of the night?
If I have to win a fight
Then it must whisper right in the night.