Duet by Ude Ugo and Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu


Say you speak to stars
Say you'll safeguard my heart
Say you'll run downtown
And flaunt me all around
You were Arabian
I a Berber
Say we'll breed Moor
But where went your love
When I craved more?

Yes, I had built castles of hope
And mansions of belief with my words.
There was love, yes there was
But it ran cold.
When the embers could be stoked no more
I poured a bucket of lies.

Why string broken hearts
If you can't skip to it?
Why weave words with wantonness
If you can't adorn me with it?
You lied in honesty
All hell your dynasty.

There was pride in the game
Fun in the chase
Smiled at the ripples my words caused
Lies were my darts
If only your eyes could see the truth beneath the lies.

I was blinded by lust
Reason covered by dust
What's romance without intimacy?
And that's how I trapped me in your fallacy.
Liar you are!

Liar....you call me
Because I worked spells of falsehood but you failed to see the truth in the lie....
The truth that it was all a lie.