I have read you,
like every poet should read the other,
like I read the Songs of Solomon
Sèi bellissima
My amore

Your beauty
like the fragrance of a rose
with petals as still as water.
My hands pricked by the thorns
that your contours
surround, embrace still I enclose.
That's amore.

Who's goddess Diana?
Who's Queen Vashti?
Who's Hadassah?
My diva, amore solo tè,
Per sempre insieme.
Your black is beautiful
like the golden glow
of a thousand burning coal.

I have heard you sing
that song that strikes a chord, a melody
A symphony in my soul which make me cry
'Amore ti amo!'

I have tasted you;
For more than anything, you are sweetest.
More than anything, you are sweetness.
I have tasted you;
the virtue of your treasure chest
of creamy love
of comfy lures
Senza finé amo.

Amore: Love 
Sèi bellissima: You are beautiful
Amore solo tè: My only love
Per sempre insieme: Forever together
Amore ti amo: I love you, love.
L'amore: My love
Senza finé amo: Without pretending I love you.