Not your regular kind of poem


I was hungry
and you formed a committee
and you discussed my hunger
and you paid yourselves
to talk about my hunger.

Thank you.

I was imprisoned
and you crept off quietly
to your churches and piously
pray for my release.
Thank you.

I was naked
and in your gatherings
you debated the morality of my appearance.
You condemned my dressing
But I actually had no change of raiment.
Thank you.

I was sick
and you got on your knees
singing from lying lips
praising God for your health.
Thank you.

I was homeless
and you preached to me
of paradise in heaven
and the canopy of God
But never cared to shield me
From biting cold
And burning heat.
Thank you.

I was lonely
and you left me alone to pray for me.
Thank you.

You seem so holy
So spirit filled
But you left me hungry 
And lonely
And cold
And naked
And sad.
Thank you.

Where's the love of God in your hearts?
What has your prayers done?
Where have your good works gone?
What heavenly good there is
to recite the Lord's Prayer
From dawn to dusk
When the rest of the world
is crying for help?

For allowing a soul
Go down Sheol
Thank you, Church


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