I've been riding this bicycle
all my life
I've gone uphill
I've gone down hill
But it can't stand on it's own
because it's just two-tyred.

I've been right-in
all my life
I've written poems
I've wronged girls
But I don't know what'll be left
when I'm done writing.

I've been loving her
all my life
I've been chicken in on her
I've been in one accord
with this lady of mine
like two pianists married 
always, we're in a chord

I've been playing on words
all my life
I've been rapid with wordplay
like an energizer punny.

Now I wish I were a grammarian,
with loads of words
but I would rather make comma sense
and make you tier your red shirts
for a red carpet
for this inkhead.

Die hard, I am
Your elephant opinion of me 
carries a lot of weight.
Now you know why I grin
When you get it all rung.