The elders say 'the young shall grow'
True to their words 
I remember the tress of old
Where we play our queen game
I picture the moment where life still meant sweet
And all we did was take sweet

I don't remember dancing unclad
Like happy monkeys
Down town 
When sunshine
Give way for rainstorm.
I don't remember counting stars 
And hoping clouds don't cover my tracks.
But I do remember being a kid
And that, I miss

The word 'miss' will be an understatement
I didn't have to be responsible
They made my food available
Just to say i miss been free
Free from the thoughts of tomorrow
Freed from the days of lack & suffering
The lakes where i play & sing
The house where i dance 
Those days
I mean those days
The word 'miss' is an understatement

Had I known that growing up
Means missing my boy
I wouldn't had envied uncles
Who flaunted women, wine and wealth.
I've lost my boy
To wanton thoughts
Innocence sit at the foot of the tree
Where I sat and played with Bisi,
mocking at me.
I miss
I missed

The memories flock my back like beads
They wipe me so hard that my eye swim in tears
I find myself loving every bit of the replay
While wishing my happiness didnt become a story
How wont i miss those days
I climbed the tree just to see the beautiful leafs of iroko
A memory displays my ever sweet smiling self
The one i lost in my memory

But memories don't self destruct
As long as air sneak into my lungs
Those days of sweet yore
Shall ever live long
In my jar of time.
So while I walk this plane
Of fleeting memories
And gather many more memories
Like fruits from off the tree of time
May I create better story-lines
Worth a smile 
When tagged past.
May my eyes swim not the ocean tides
Of my tears in regret
But rather flap strengthened wings
And sing along in sweet refrain
To memories 
To maturity
To Bisi
and the boy I miss

I will journey in this memory lane
Just to see the peeps i miss
I will work hard this day
To find every bit of the love i miss
I will look upon the sky
And it will bless me with more memories to cherish
But still
I will fight for you & me
The happiness i once had
And the freedom
In my memories i will write life is sweet
Sweet to everything that lives
In short, my memories! I will cherish