I'll come to you.
The first daughter of Mazi Okaka,
beautiful and ebony
full of contours and beauty.
The elders call you, 'asampete nwa',
parents call you, 'ugonnaya',
your mates call you, 'nwamma'.
Every man wants to call you 'obim'.
I don't want to call you names,
I want you to call me 'obim'.

Bia nu ka iburu nkem.
I, Jaachi, will appear in court,
with heart in cuffs
for your heart that I have stolen,
and those glances
you think I refused to return.

Your radiant face speaks of smiles;
smiles of love.
As I hide under the Udala tree
where my bicycle you see,
I cannot but shy away as I behold your smile.
Odim na obi m.
Iriela m isi!
Nwamma Omalicha,
The dream of every man.

Your smiles reaches my every part.
It reaches down my very heart
Down down to my inner man.
It paints rainbow on my skyline
And makes my heart jingle
Like your waist band when you jiggle
your waist line to the tune of my flute
Omali...cha! Cha! Cha!
Igbo kwenu!
I just caught flu!

even your frown is a charming smile.
It sends currents down my spine
Leaving me standing erect
in attention to your allure.

Nkem by nke nanim...
That's what I want to call you,
For you're beautiful.
I do need an Owerri woman like you,
who will kneel to serve my meals,
who will watch while I eat
and also fan me to sleep.
Will you my children breed?
Can you, my family heritage, keep.

I might not be privileged
to step out of the borders
of this our little town,
and park my old bicycle under this tree.
But trust me, on my way, the damsels
I met were open like public wells.
'Thrust me!' they all purred...
Baring their thighs and breasts
Perching on me like birds
on an apple tree.

when you told me,
the way I wear my trouser 
shows I'm a king to be crowned,
I blushed like an Arabian boy
and moaned like a sex doll.

I remember I told me,
while pointing to a blue bird
and pleaded you shouldn't come near me.
I'll come with you,
I'll meet your parents.
Wait! Do you love me?

I started to your house,
I cycled day and night,
But my bicycle lost its chains
denying me the sight of your gracefulness.

The girls I met,
And the ladies that came to me,
at the bicycle repairer's place,
said they love me
and the way my trouser fits.
But I chased them away, 
and kept waiting for the repairer to fix it.
Because it is you, 
only you that I want.

why do you think I am a mystery?
I refused to let you hold me, 
even when you turned,
and wiggled your waist,
I chose to look the other way
because my father was across the street.

My dear nkem,
don't think of it,
I am not a drawn horse,
I am complete,
Omalicha, adim fit,
I tell you, I am a complete man!

Onye nkem,
Are you really a virgin?
I had you kept yourself,
Even in this mad city,
of roaring lions
looking for whom to devour.
Ah! Omalicha,
You are rare a gem
My kind of girl.

Now I know you love me.
When next will you do this?
It makes sense.
It makes sense...
like lovers make love.

Onye nkem,
I know Valentine is in few weeks,
yes, I do know what it is.
I answered in my head.
You thought I won't answer
because you think I do not exist?
But I will still come for you, 

With love, Jaachi.

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