Life is not a holiday at the beach where children build sand castles and play with pebbles. It is a fight for survival and a battle against the ever scheming, always furious arch enemy of God and man.

Everyone is involved in the warfare. Unfortunately not everybody wins. Some ignore the battle with endless hopeless hopes it will automatically go away and are consequently wiped out by the unsparing enemy. Others are ignorant of the devices of the devil and are consequently destroyed.

If you desire dominion here on earth, you most fight the good fight of faith. If you must enjoy life here on earth, you must get outta your comfort zone and go dare your fears.

Believe in yourself. 
Doubt your fears
Keep your heads up
Smile always
Don't give up.

No one said life's all rosy... if you fall, cry... weep, then get up, dust your garment, hit the road and go make the best out of 2018.