When I was kid
papa said to me:
"son, beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched;
they must be felt with the heart"
So my eyes were closed
when you paid lip service
of unspoken words to my lips.
'I'm proud of you'
'I love you'
With those words you reached down
into the iron bars of my ribs
and took my heart.

Like the copycat who forgot
his ideas are stolen
from the divine farm
of budding emotions,
I forgot to protect my sole
from the thorns and pikes
that litter love's lane
Pierced...my soul bleed
'I'm proud of you'
'I love you'
those words still linger
like lazy echoes
in my ears.

I don't to burn up
I don't want to burn out
Tell me, world, 
how do I let go?
By butting my head up against the wall?
I don't want to knock myself out!
I don't want to lose my mind.