Tonight, I am white and I am full.
My smiles are dim and borrowed
from the Sun's glow
but you don't mind.
My surface is all curves and craters,
dust and nothing else my face litters,
but you don't mind.
I have travelled alone
through the vacuum of dark,
training my mind for this task,
building no walls around my heart
planting landmines on my tongue
watching as you build engines
and spacesuits
gearing up to come to my cosmic suite.

I am the kind of territory you were born
to navigate.
I am the path you were trained to trade.
I am the terrestrial ball you were born to conquer.
You know by heart
every treacherous route
through these white dunes
that litter my faint hue.
You have drawn maps of my every scar
and devices instruments to monitor my rise and my fall
my hideout in snow and fall.
And you find me.
You take me.

With your space shuttle
And crew of happy 'nauts
You leap into the sky
pierce through the clouds
farting from your behind
black fume of burning desire.

I'm in sight
Can feel your smiles
Spreading like river Nile
down down south your faces
You glide my cosmic suite
searching for my orbit.
I cast glances below
watching you watching me with your telescope.

I smile down on your reminder
the multitude below awaiting your landing
and the faint whisper of your radio
'I'm on the moon'

Tonight, I am white and full
smiling down on you.
You are the woman on me,
and I am the moon.

You are the woman on me:
Your light
when the smiles of my father's first son
deserts you at night.