As I sat down to scribble this poem, I realized that I needed to have a good knowledge of musical terms before I could get through the poem. Thanks to my sister's music notebook, I scaled through (pun intended) every note.


You see, 

I’m about as innocent as a kid. 
My mind half full, 
and I see silver linings
in all I think or do.
I knew everything would be okay...
until that day.

A bible in my hand

A hymnal too
Holiday just came to town
Finally, a break from school.
Pages flipped
I pulled over the songs of Solomon
And alighted by chapter one.
I was drawn to the forte
of the king's crescendo
Rising from one explicit piano
to the base of his lady's pianissimo.

From one chapter to another

My innocence lost an hectare
He sang
She sang
down down down a diminuendo 
until she found her lover...
I could feel the tempo
of my heartbeat
Merging with every word 
Connecting every dot.

I know where I lost my innocence:

in the song of Solomon's wantonness.