I wrote a song the day father left
I wept and sang it into a farewell
He may find the way home tomorrow
But this song shall soon taste freedom
I came from where mothers' break
Leaving their pieces in their daughters

The best way to win a war
Is to never start one

We came from where heroes' tears
Flow into the bloodstream of dreams
Beating our bones to glyphs of hope
We came from where we say wishes
With our eyes somewhere on our lips
Watching us off the feats of echoes

We came from where the black's fate
Were perfect home for metal shackles
We came from where we watch lights
And call them remain of broken stars
We came from where we burn in fury
But hid the flames in our fake smiles

No other force will kill a warrior
But the doubts in his own mind

We are the descendants of cowards
Who left their heroes on lips and scripts
But continued by the rules of slavery
We think we have found our freedom
Because we do not see the boundages
But I still hear them in our anthems

If we are too scared of a day-break
Then we may never see another night