I fear to tell you
Why I go to the dark cave every evening.

If you must know
Its because she that my soul loves is a dragon.
A wild beast.

She devours my fears.
She invades my mind and dispels
My doubts.
She dethrones my ego
And breaks the walls of hate.
She sinks the ships of depression
I surrendered as she broke down my gates.
She has taken the empire of my soul.
Can you find her kind
In the book of animals?

She haunts the cities
Of my painful past
And brings to me spoils.

She is not beautiful?
Your eyes will never tell you she is.

Her beauty is not given for the  eyes to behold.
Your eyes will lie to you.

She breathes fire; I burn.
She beats my pen into a sword; I conquer.

She is not among the daughters
That go down to the stream
With earthen pots to draw water.

She is wingless
Without the poetry
My heartbeats recites.
My whispers is the wind
She glides in.

I sail in her tears
To lands eagles have not seen.

My ink is the only wine she drinks.
She lies drunk in my arms
and that's when you find me here.

Do not frown at this slave I have become
O do not!
For I'm lost to a love
So beyond words.
There is no return.
Seek me not
You will never find me
tracing my footprints on the sands.
Footprints can only be found
on the sands of time.
The realm in her
arms is timeless.