The household lamp burnt.
Its flames danced.
A starless night it was.
Gloom robbed the galaxies
of stars...and mother's night songs.

The rain passed by our huts
And we smelt her perfumed tailwind.
And ah! How it intoxicated
Mama with memories! -
Memories we can only imagine vaguely.
She held our arms walking through dusty memory lane
But we were children
Ravished by our dreams
Like snakes to a charmer's flute.
And her tears will flow
Into a boundless song
We were too weak-winged to join.
She knew we do not understand
With her eyes on papa's grave like in it is hid treasure never knew.
She'll hear Inspiration
Giving her the endless lyric of life
To our night songs
We failed to find depth in.
Until we got into her shoes
And our offsprings slept
Halfway through a line of our lullabies.