Do You Remember? (Duet)

The first time we met, 
we stared at each other and never stopped staring
even as we tried to look away. 
The moment I saw you, 
my heart never stopped racing 
and I realized your specie
is beyond this plane.
Those words you said to me, 
and your smile that struck to memory, 
And made me smile whenever I remember...

You were like the skinned knee
of a playful boy;
innocence oozed from your words.
I knew it
that though the tingle
that in my heart jingle
I would always of our first time remember.

It was on January I met you, 
It was on January your poems gave me a clue;
Soon we'll be seeing day and night, 
The day suddenly filled with light, 
It was also sudden, a short tryst I thought, 
But my quill you seem to have caught.
I don't think there has been regrets, 
Now we're doing a duet.... 
Who would have known what lay behind the door?
Who would have opened the door?

Do you remember how you stared at words
that dripped on and on
like honey from it's comb
combing through the thich bushes of your world
making slippery every patched soil?
Come in now, lets together dwel
under the canopies of many a duets.
Let's weave words like baskets
that'll carry staggering echoes to prospects
beyond here, there and everywhere.
Oh come, let's tickle ears
and chuckle at fears.

Your words tend to break my body, 
Your words tend to soil my soul,
Your words tend to stain my spirit.
Even in the deepest of the ocean, 
I find thine words there
like corals, they sit still, succinct.
Up above the sky where the Eagles seems not to reach, 
I find your words there.
Do you remember that we carry words in our pockets
up in the sky we fly like rockets...
Do you remember?

I think I do
Memories like scattered constellation
litter the floor of my sky.
I do remember
that dinner of words
cups of liquid verses
Verses of lipid lines
Lines of broken voices
Voices of the staggering echoes
Echoes of flipping pages
Pages of written words.
Ah! I do remember.

The days you'd beg for your poems to be shared, 
The days you think, think and write.
Up to now you don't remember and never cared;
Do you remember when you were told to be upright?
The days of the earthlings tend to be approaching, 
I think it's time for poaching.

We fly.
I do remember.