Although we all know that guerrilla warfare 
is more than just throwing bananas;
yet we trade blames here and there
and then everyone goes bananas.

Eden: the genesis
'blame her, the woman you game me'
'oh no deal Lord, Lucifer wooed me'
Back and forth, the ball of blame
bounced like the tenis game.

Though God, in His omniscience,
somehow knows man will lose innocence
He traded the blames
cursed the serpent lame.
And the game is come to stay.

Centuries washed down the drain
Men and women still play that game
Pass the batton. Don't accept the blame
Ever since the so called fall
neither you nor I will accept at all.

Apologise to each other
Hell no! We can't.
Love don't smother
breath well we can't
because the blame stiffles
and game ripples.

'I'm sorry'
Two simple words to say
But heavy like lead it sits on our lips.
We'd rather play that same old game
'It's not my fault, you're to blame'

You hurt me sour
and trade the blame.
I withdraw my salt
and stick to the game.
No one cares the knee to bow;
None is wrong, I wonder how.

Humans we are, just so you know
Flawed we are, just so you know
We preach of love and sing of it
yet none takes blame when the fan's hit by shit.

I bleed and weep
you heap blames on me.
She's raped and abused
she still hurt and shed those tears
And men and women still play that game
And point the finger and pass the blame