Growing up a girl is not easy. You're teased because you're not the prettiest nor the smartest nor the sexiest. 

Boys pick on you because society tells them that's acceptable behavior. You can't walk down the sidewalk without being constantly paranoid of your surroundings and just who might be watching you. 

You're seen as a prize to be won, which makes you question the intentions of everyone you meet. 

Growing up a girl is hard, I want to tell you something that could change your life. 

Black. Short. Fat. Loner. They say she's too chubby. They laugh at her dressing. Everyone says she's old fashioned. She's timid, sad, withdrawn and just existing. Chinny's one wish for Christmas is death on the birth of Jesus. 

Yesterday was suppose to be a normal day, but in a crazy twist of fate what Chinny needed was staring her right in the face, literally. At 11:00 am she found myself sitting in a church, refreshing her spirit, listening to the preacher speak on a sermon titled BECAUSE, HE LOVES YOU. Here she was on a Sunday morning being completely transformed without even realizing it. 

'God can make anything out of nothing' she mused. 

And that's just what He did. Just when Chinny thought the impossible couldn't happen, it did. Chinny found her worth in God’s word.

You are worth more than all the rubies and diamonds of this earth.
Hello ladies, I want to tell you something: You are priceless. Don't sell yourself short because, you are priceless. You are worth more than all the rubies and diamonds of this earth. You are the daughters of a King, the one true King, who loves you more than anyone ever will. You are worth dying for; Jesus Christ died on a cross so that you could inherit the Kingdom of God. You were created in your mother's womb, not by chance or luck, but because you are part of a divine plan. You are so precious. You are so special in every way.

Don't let society define who you should be, you are a child of God, let Him define who you are and what you're worth. Deep in our hearts we know the real truth, we do, but somewhere along the way it got twisted and distorted. The truth we think we know is nothing but another lie fed to us. The real truth is buried down so deep that it's almost forgotten, but it's not forgotten, it's growing every day. 

You, dear girl, are priceless. Let those words sink into your heart. Let it drive you. Let it be your sleeping thoughts and waking thoughts. Let it be the prime song on your lips. 

Speak it.

Sing it.

Shout it.

Live it.

Relish it.

Share it.

Don't shrink like a fallen rose nor recoil into the shell society mounded for you. Rise up. Step out. Shoulder high, heads up, dream big 'male' dreams and work your lady muscles to achieve it. 

You are a queen. A goddess and thus deserves worship!

Rip off the price tag! 

Smile. Slay dreams, not men. Stay in the light.