Can you imagine viewing criticism as ‘a very small thing’

Or being liberated from the need to impress people; your self-esteem no longer dependent on someone noticing how successful, smart, or attractive you are? 

Think what it would be like to feel genuine love for someone who expresses their disapproval of you. 

Is such a life possible? 

Hell Yes! 

Ever head of ‘approval addiction’? 

Its symptoms include living in fear of what others think of you.
Being easily hurt by what they say.
A nagging sense that you aren’t even good enough a writer; 
Constantly trying to impress important people. And like all addicts, you’ll go to any lengths for a fix. 

One author I admire, writes: 
‘Many of my daily preoccupations suggest that I belong more to people that to myself and my Creator. A little criticism makes me mad... a little praise raises my spirit... I’m like a small boat on the ocean, completely at the mercy of the waves’. 
Is this an issue you need to deal with today?

Who are you trying to impress with your writing? 


Just write!

Whether or not you get a million approvals or commendations, should not douse your writing dreams.

This is for me as much as twas written for you.